Diversity critics take on Oprah’s network

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Latino journalists, NAHJ, News
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While Oprah Winfrey lines up good programing for her new network ; critics are already unleashing their message.  Is OWN diverse enough? 

Newsweek blogger, Allison Samuels recently posted “Is Oprah’s Network Too White?”  She writes:

“Does Oprah’s network need more diversity? Many African-American women seem to think so, including Black Entertainment cofounder Sheila Johnson, who says that Winfrey should “open her circle a bit more,” and blogs such as Hello Beautiful and Clutch, which have complained bitterly about the absence of black faces and voices on the fledging network.”

I say give Oprah a chance.  At least give her a good year to get OWN’s shows in order.  I’m hoping that we’ll see a Latino or Latina fronting some of Oprah’s many shows. I have hopes for Elizabeth Espinosa.  She’s one of the contestants on OWN’s reality show “Your OWN Show.”  The contestant who makes it to the end gets their own show on OWN.  There’s a couple of real stand-outs in the pool of contestants. 

I admit I’m a little bias.  I’m friends with Elizabeth.  We’re also both members of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.  She is beautiful, funny, smart, personable and she’s also a very good interviewer.  She’s been a television reporter for several years in Los Angeles.   I have my fingers crossed that she’ll get her own show.

Back to Oprah and her network.  Let’s give her time to get her programming in place.   A year from now she may prove her critics wrong—or right.

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