About Us

Hi there! My name is Rebecca Aguilar.  I’ve been a reporter for 32 years and have a background in television, radio and online news.  I have 48 awards and nominations for my work, including several Emmys.

As a veteran news reporter, I have met some amazing Latinos in journalism, mass communications, social media, public relations, media relations and even those teaching all those subjects at colleges and universities around the country.  Through Latino Communicators, I hope to bring us together to get to know each other.

I and several contributors hope to shine a light on issues that we should watch closely.  Are we  getting fair representation in the media and communications industry? Is there a Latino presence?


As a freelancer, I don’t answer to anyone. I can’t fear being fired. So with that said, I WELCOME any topics you want me to look into. I understand many of you can’t speak out because you do have someone who can say “you’re fired.”

Let me make this clear, if we’re giving an opinion it is mine or that of a contributor. We’re not speaking for any organization or group.


Full disclosure, currently I’m on two journalism boards:

National Association of Hispanic Journalists, VP of Online
SPJ-Fort Worth Chapter: VP of Membership, social media contributor


Let’s make this blog a success together.  Please share your work with us and your story ideas.  Any upcoming events we should know about would be helpful.  And if you want to become a guest blogger, I welcome that too.

Thanks for listening,

Rebecca Aguilar

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