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I know that many companies don’t give journalists time off to go to conferences and conventions.  That perk is gone for most of us.   Some of you now have to decide whether to take days off for a family vacation or Unity 2012.  I say combine the two.

Las Vegas is no longer just for adults; it’s very kid friendly.   At Mandalay Bay there is lots for the family to do, and when you go out to explore Las Vegas there is a lot of FREE stuff to do with your children.



Here’s a story and video that I did for  You can go to Las Vegas with your kids and find lots to do for FREE.


A Las Vegas Get Away With Your Kids from Rebecca Aguilar on Vimeo.

Don’t miss Unity 2012.  Bring the family along and make it a great experience!

See you there!

Rebecca Aguilar is a multiple Emmy award-winning reporter.  She’s also a board member with NAHJ and SPJ Fort Worth.

WPIX-TV: Mario Diaz

My new journalism hero is WPIX-TV reporter, Mario Diaz. The veteran reporter was covering a story Tuesday (Jan. 24) about the officers arrested in East Haven, Connecticut. They’re accused of racially profiling Latinos. But Diaz ended up with a story that revealed something else: a very insensitive Mayor.

Following up on the officers arrests, Diaz had a one-on-one interview with Mayor Joe Maturo. The Mayor started putting his foot in his mouth after Diaz asked one simple question:

Diaz: What are you doing for the Latino community today?

Mayor Maturo: I might have tacos when I go home, I’m not quite sure yet. I spent two years in Puerto Rico


I MIGHT HAVE TACOS! Yes, he said it! The unedited interview was posted on YouTube, and you can see that the Mayor just rambles on.


Kudos to Diaz for not letting up on the Mayor and allowing him to get by with such an insensitive comment.  In his report for WPIX,  Diaz said that the Mayor found him later and apologized and said “it was out of context.”

Diaz also revealed that East Haven is 10 percent Latino, but only one cop on the force speaks Spanish.  That one officer is not Latino. Diaz asked the Mayor about the lack of Latinos on the police force and Maturo responded “And your point being?”


The Mayor had a press conference Wednesday (Jan. 25) to apologize for what he called “insensitive and off color comment.”  He claimed that the stress of the situation had gotten to him.

Sure blame it on the stress.

But before the apology, he was blaming his “taco” response on Diaz.  He called the reporter’s question “shallow.”  Here’s what Maturo said to another local reporter.

Excuses, apologies, insensitive comments: who knows what will come out of Mayor Maturo’s mouth next time.  But one thing is for sure, Mario Diaz is not letting any comment get by him.

Keep up the good work Mario! You make us reporters proud and Latinos proud too!