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MundoFox is looking for news talent and one-man-bands around the country.  It appears the network plans to have one-man-bands cover news in different cities, but it could also be setting up news bureaus.  We’re not sure if that’s part of the plan.

Reporters, writers, editors and videographers need to know how to write, read and speak in Spanish.  Remember, MundoFox is offering Spanish-language programming not only in news, but also entertainment.

Here is the MundoFox job post.  Good luck!

The new Spanish language broadcast network MundoFox is looking for locally-based, experienced freelance TV news reporters and photographer/editors to cover news and feature stories in locations around the U.S., both on an on-call and a contract basis, for its nightly newscast premiering in the late summer of 2012. Photographer/editors should have access to professional broadcast equipment, including editing. Applications from “one-man bands” as well as reporter-photographer/editor teams are also encouraged.

Reporters should be able to speak, read, and write Spanish with native level fluency and speak and read English at an advanced level. Photographer/editors should be able to speak Spanish fluently and to speak and read English at an advanced level.


Please share this information, and good luck!