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Imagine having a great idea for a startup business that involves journalism and all you needed were the funds to make it happen. Well that’s where Unity: Journalists of Color comes into the picture. Its New U 2011 program is  News Entrepreneurs Working through UNITY.  Basically, someones dream is going to become a reality.

Fourteen journalists of color with a business idea have been chosen for a start-up camp. But the public has to vote for the best idea among all fourteen. All the candidates are pitching their ideas and three winners will get $10,000 seed grants to continue to fund their company.


Four of the fourteen are Latinos and also members of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. Their business ideas vary from mobile apps to public relation companies. I recommend you watch each video and decide if they get your vote.

Please vote, because it’s obvious that all of them have a passion for what they are doing. And when you hear what they are doing—you’re going to say “Why didn’t I think of that.”


Mekahlo Medina is an NAHJ member. The veteran broadcast journalist is also the CEO of MeNow. His company has developed a MeNow mobile APP that aggregates. He says it will bring you deals and news now and connects you to people who may not currently be on your social network.


Ashley Cisneros is an NAHJ member. Her company is Ashley Cisneros, Inc., a public relations company.



Patricia Nazario says she quit her job to start Concepts Completos. The broadcast veteran started a bilingual independent production company, which produces content for different media platforms.


Clarisel Gonzalez is the publisher of PRSUN Communications. Her company based in the Bronx, New York. She produces original content on blogs, including “Puerto Rico Sun.” She wants to expand and network and empower the community.




You have until January 3, 2012 to cast your vote. There are 14 candidates—and any one of them could have the next big thing. Help them make it happen.

You can vote for one pitch in each of thethree categories: NAHJ, AAJA and Uncategorized.  It looks like you can vote multiple times for your favorite.

Good luck to all of them!

At the beginning of each year, I have to decide where I’m going to invest in my profession.  That also means deciding which professional organizations would be the right fit for me and my career. 

Why join a professional organization? 

1.  Networking–It’s a great place to make contacts in the business.

2.  Job Opportunities—Most professional organizations get alerted on the latest job openings.

3.  Training Programs—Most organizations offer free or low cost training programs that can help you grow in your profession.

4.  Friendships—It’s not all business folks.  Professional organizations help you build friendships with people who have lots in common with you.

So if you haven’t joined a professional organization in journalism, public relations, media relations, or mass communications; now is the time to do so.  You never know how your life is going to change from day to day. 

I’m a board member with the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.  I’m also a co-chairman of the Digital Media Committee with the Society of Professional Journalists and a member of Online News Association.  In Dallas, I’m part of the Hispanic Communicators DFW.  All of them offer me something in journalism, but they’re all very different.  An investment in these groups is really an investment in my career. 

Jobs may come and go, but professional organizations are there for you during good and bad times.  How can you go wrong joining a professional group?