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As a veteran news reporter, I have met some amazing Latinos in journalism, mass communications, social media, public relations, media relations and even those teaching all those subjects at colleges and universities around the country.  Through Latino Communicators, I hope to bring us together to get to know each other.

This is a place where I hope we can share our work and get to know how we are each contributing to society. We need to toot our own horn, because we are doing amazing work. At the same time, the economy has affected some of us.  I hope that here we can each share a job opening or a conference that can help a fellow Latino find work or find inspiration.

Welcome to all of you, and please let’s make this blog a success together.  Please share your work with us and your story ideas.  Any upcoming events we should know about would be helpful.  And if you want to become a guest blogger, I welcome that too. 

Rebecca Aguilar
Dallas Freelance Reporter