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This infographic gives tells you which social media platforms are  popular among Hispanics. More than 600 Hispanics were surveyed and here are the results.

  • Which social media sites do you use?
  • What kind of information are you willing to share on social media?
  • More careful about online privacy.
Hispanics Love Social Media

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Major League Baseball Advance Media ( has a sports internship program that may be the answer to get more Latinos in sports journalism around the country.  Major changes are needed, because a recent study by the Associated Press Sports Editors (APSE) revealed that right now, there is no diversity in sports journalism in English language media.  That also means Latinos hardly exist in sports news staffs around the country.

My last blog “Few Latinos in Sports Journalism: How do we make changes?” got a lot of feedback on Facebook.  I recommended that we as Latinos need to be assertive in getting the resumes of qualified Latino sports journalists into the hands of news managers and sports editors when they have a job opening.  

Jesse Sanchez was one of the first to write me.  We know each other from working in the Dallas market, and also because we’re members of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.  In my opinion, Sanchez is one of the best sports journalists in the business. He was quick to tell me about the sports internship program at where interns are groomed to become sports writers and reporters.

Sanchez is currently the national reporter for He’s worked with the company since its first season online in 2001. He’s also on the search team to help find the next 30 interns for its associate reporters program for the summer of 2012. 

Sanchez says “The program is about covering the best game in the world and providing opportunities to qualified sports-loving young men and women across the country. It’s a great opportunity and I encourage all young journalists to take a look at the program.” is looking for 30 reporter interns to work in cities where MLB has a team.  What’s also nice—it’s a paid internship.   Interns get paid 500 dollars a week for 10 weeks.   


News director, Zoltan Csanyi Salcedo commented on my last blog on Facebook.  He wrote:

While I agree that there is a lack of, can we just not assume that WE (News Directors) are not looking for Hispanic or Latinos? When I was a ND for the local NBC affiliate and had an opening in sports, I made every effort to find a Hispanic for the position.  Not one applied, none, zero! We need to take a look at the landscape, local sports is an endangered species in many local (English language) TV markets, so most Latinos are working in the news end of TV news.”

Salcedo makes some very valid points.  Maybe the lack of qualified Latino sports journalists contributed to the outcome of the APSE study that also revealed mostly white guys (reporters) are covering major sports.

That why I think this internship program is a great idea and I hope many other media companies can create similar programs. is not just looking to find Latinos interns.   This program is open to any college junior, senior or grad student, but it’s a good start for us Latinos. 

I figure once an intern graduates from this program he or she should have the know-how to cover a major sports team.  And when it comes to Latinos—no longer can sports news managers or sports editors say “We can’t find any qualified Latinos.” 

You know a media company means business when it starts looking for interns a year in advance. Kudos to!

Please get this information to any Latinos college students who have a passion for sports journalism.   Below, I’m posting the press release from  Good luck everyone! 2012 SUMMER INTERNSHIP (Press Release)

Want an exciting summer covering Major League Baseball? offers 30 reporting internships to aspiring sportswriters. These internships are designed to give associates the full range of experiences that come with covering a professional team. Each associate will work closely with a site reporter to give visitors to a team’s Web site all the information they need to follow the team from Opening Day to season’s end. Each Major League team will have one associate.

Students who are currently juniors or seniors, as well as graduate students, are eligible for our 2012 Summer Internship Program.  If you are graduating in December 2011, you are still eligible. All applications must be postmarked by Nov. 30, 2011.  We will make our selections by the end of January.

We expect each intern to spend a minimum of 10 weeks in the program, dates determined by a person’s college schedule. The more flexible an applicant is in terms of which Major League city he or she can work in, the better the person’s chances of being selected.  Interns will be paid $500 per week.

Applicants should submit a resume, 5 to 10 published articles, a list of references and a 750-word essay on why should select you? Your clips ideally will show a variety of work, including game stories, previews and features. Previous experience covering a beat is preferred.

Associates are responsible for arranging their own housing and transportation.

Please mail all internship applications to:

Bill Hill
Assistant Managing Editor/
Major League Baseball/Western Operations
2415 E. Camelback Rd., Ste. 850
Phoenix, AZ 85016

If you have any questions, please contact Bill Hill at and put the words “Internship Info” in the subject line. No phone calls, please.

MLB Advanced Media

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